Client Portal

Keep all your documents in one place

All of your documents are stored and organised in one place for you to refer to and download anytime. So no more trawling through your email inbox searching for ‘that thing my accountant needed… what was it again?’ Simply log in to your personal (free) account.

Exchange and sign documents

Your accountant can email you to let you know they have uploaded a document for you to view or sign. If you upload something to your portal for your accountant to look at, they will be sent a notification automatically to let them know your document is there. They will also be notified when you have signed a document, so they can get your accounts or returns filed.

Update your details anytime

If you have moved to a new house, got a new email address or phone number you can update your details in your portal. Your accountant will also be notified of any changes you make to your personal details, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Fill in forms online

When self assessment comes around, you can enter all your information online, so no more printing out checklists or filling in temperamental Word docs.


You can view a list of deadlines for the services your accountant provides, so you can check when these deadlines fall without having to ask.

GDPR compliant

If a document includes your name, address and phone number, your accountant should use the portal as it is subject to GDPR. An email can pass through several servers as it is sent and received – without encryption other parties can intercept the email. The portal is fully GDPR compliant allowing you to exchange your personal documents and information securely.

Multiple document upload

You can drag and drop multiple documents to upload for your accountant, up to 100MB in a single upload. Handy if you need to get documents to them quickly and securely.

Client Portal Login

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